Ali Robertson – Something About Your Love

There’s something special about Ali Robertson. The Glasgow based singer-songwriter recently unveiled his debut track Something About Your Love – a song about ultimately being the culprits of our own emotional destruction when it comes to matters of the heart. We’ve all been there, right? Knowing that someone isn’t right for us is usually a no-brainer, but trying to resist those brown eyes and that bad boy charm is like trying not to order that deliciously naughty double-choc fudge sundae at a restaurant – we know we shouldn’t go anywhere near it but it damn sure looks tasty.

Joining the likes of Chet Faker, HONNE and Bob Moses in a sound which is best described as ‘Future Soul’, Ali wraps listeners up in an irresistibly chilling atmosphere of smooth soul-drenched vocals, sensual harmonies and a masterly throbbing production that will leave you still craving the sweet stuff  long after the song has ended.

Describing the track Robertson said: “‘Something About Your Love’ is about flawed love I suppose. I’ve always been inspired lyrically by the darker side of a relationship, and the repercussions that come with it – where you put everything into someone only to be let down, but ultimately wanting to be let down. You want to be a victim to that one person, you want to be a victim to love.”

Stream this beautifully brooding track below.


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