Amber Run – Haze

“Scared of getting old and scared of dying alone. I’m in a blue haze.”

When an impromptu tooth infection prevented me from seeing them live back in November (gutted), I mistakenly presumed it would be quite sometime before I heard anything new from Amber Run; the remarkable Nottingham-based band with a penchant for bringing heartbreak and disjointed woes into focus. From the very beginning, their impeccable harmonies and poetic lyricism have seeped right through their sound; whether in the mid-morning reflections of wasted youth on 5AM or through the haunting presence of mismatched love on I Found. As a taster of what to expect from their forthcoming second album, the now four-piece (Felix decided to leave a couple of months ago) have released Haze, a deeply personal and emotionally fraught song that engages in that unbearable fuzziness of knowing what you want, but believing it will never truly transpire.

With Joe Keogh’s distorted vocals at it’s forefront (seemingly influenced by Imogen Heap’s Hide and Seek, which they previously covered), Haze constructs a sparse but breathtakingly painful account of the kind of palpable loneliness and deep frustration that often comes when our perspective is obscured by our own insecurities. This song certainly speaks volumes on Amber Run’s musical progression. I’m excited to see what’s coming next.

Take a listen and watch the beautifully made video below.

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