Bryde – Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good?

“Nothing Left To Feel Angry For. Music Moves You More Freely Than Before.”

After the news that fell unwelcomly upon the ears of the world this week, I think it’s safe to say that none of us have been feeling particularly good about anything. Luckily, solace can always been found through the power of music.

On her latest single. Bryde (aka Sarah Howell) elicits her own internal struggle of emotions on the visceral and raw masterpiece, ‘Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good?’ With the productive powers of Bill-Ryder Jones, the Brixton babe unleashes a wild and darkly intense blaze of bluesy tones and vehemently aggressive guitar cries as she rehashes and releases the weight of past memories. Mournful vocals move through the desolate darkness into a bristling untapped rage that soons alleviates the pain and brings Bryde back into a more calm and refined state of mind. See, it’s always better to get these things off of your chest.

So now that the initial shock has worn off and we can see that the world isn’t ending (atleast not just yet) it might be time to stop ruffling your feathers and start floating like one instead. Wouldn’t that make you feel good? Bryde is certainly giving us reason to. After all, hate only breeds hate. If it’s building up inside, it might be time to let it out and then let it go.

‘Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good?’ is taken from Bryde’s ‘EP2’ which is out now. Buy on bandcamp here.

Live Shows

17.11 – NORWICH, The Shoe Factory Social Club

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