Day Wave – Stuck

Jackson Phillips aka Day Wave has been making waves over the internet for some time with his quirky blend of shoegaze, surf rock and hazy dream pop. Following on from last month’s Gone, the 25 year-old Oakland based artist has released new song Stuck, which had it’s premiere yesterday on Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Record’.

Soaked in reverb and twangy guitars, Stuck shows a progression from Jackson’s previous lo-fi tendencies, offering a much softer, distant and aerily nostalgic sound. Close your eyes and let it take you on a dreamy excursion, out of the miserable cold and rain, into a much warmer climate.

Press play and tune out to both his latest tracks below.

Day Wave’s Sophomore EP, ‘Hard to Read’, which was recorded straight to tape, will be out on March 4th via Fat Possum and packaged with debut EP ‘Headcase’, as somewhat of a mini album sampler.

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