IDER – You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You, Baby

“I Won’t Stop Looking At Others Thinking That’s Where I Should Be.”

For the love of music, where have I been hiding?

Any kind soul who ever took the time to read my reviews would know that Shake The Static has been pretty much non-existent this last year or so. The love of music discovery that once fuelled the pages of this blog sadly lost out to life’s daily grind (and perhaps maybe the attendance of a few too many live shows). Unfortunately, being busy doesn’t always mean you’re making movements though, and sometimes hobbies seem more like a hassle when all you want to do is Netflix and chill-out on the sofa after a long day. Feeling tired has caused me to ignore my little space of internet and in recent months, made me feel uninspired, discombobulated and incredibly deflated. Who knew that the self-indulgent ramblings of a music lover would actually be something quite therapeutic?

Doing what we love should never have to take a backseat. So, I have decided to dedicate some time several days a week to getting this baby back into motion. I can’t promise that I will be burning through my keyboard with new music pieces, but I have made a conscious decision to start writing again. To start discovering again. And, to remind myself why finding new artists and promoting new music has always been so important to me. With this in mind, North London duo IDER’s latest track reflects that all too familiar question: What the hell are we doing with our lives?

Any millennial would tell you that it pretty much sucks being a young person these days. Rising house prices, failing bank balances and the pressures of online dating create a panic that is filtered with a fake smile through all our social media pages. It feels even worse, when you’re standing on the wrong side of twenty, watching through the eyeballs of Instagram as friends ‘appear’ to constantly reach newer heights on their life ladders, whilst you’re still stuck on the ground, grabbing at any steps you can.

“Could just be me, or maybe our generation.”

In their first track of 2018, with a similar dream-pop ambience to Oh Wonder, Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville blissfully combine future worries with past woes on latest track, ‘You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You, Baby’. Soothing electronic beats and hushed harmonies mellow out our millennial brooding and act as a positive reminder that we are far from alone in our exhaustive efforts to figure out who the hell we are.

As I attempt to blow the dust off a blog i ‘haven’t had the time for’ in way more than a year, maybe this post can be the nudge you need to finally stop standing still. You may live a long life, but time won’t wait for you to try and figure it all out at once. Be patient; but remember to keep moving.

Listen to ‘You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You, Baby’ below and catch IDER at their first headline show at Village Underground on 2nd October.

3 Appletree Garden, Diepholz
18 Green Man Festival, Crickhowell
19 Musikfestwochen Festival, Winterthur
30 Pop Festival, Cologne

2 Into The Great Wide Open Festival, Vlieland

2 Village Underground, London
30 Pitchfork Avant Garde, Paris

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