Introducing: Joseph J. Jones

Support acts at gigs are to me what movie trailers are to most cinema attendees – the best part. Or at least I like to think so. For me, there is nothing more exciting than to see what’s coming next – the chance to listen to an amazing new act live for the first time and the thrill of being able to recognise instantly how far they will go. I generally like to think that I keep my finger on the pulse of the new music scene, whether I am writing about it or not, (especially when it comes to Communion Music artists) but I have somehow managed to let this guy slip passed my once thoroughly attentive ears.

Having supported Seafret last night at their sold out show at the 100 club, Joseph J. Jones, accompanied by friend Courtenay, engrossed the audience in an intimate set of pensive and beautifully melancholic piano ballads. Wandering on the same musical production plains as that of Rhodes and Aquilo and with a voice that could be likened at times to the soulful growl of Hozier, Jones generated songs such as Face The Night and The Video (below) with a stirring raw emotion.

A little chin wag after the show, between discussions on Kanye West, Bob Dylan and Ian Beale tattoos, I learned that this very humble chap was from Barking and he has only been signed to Communion Music since October. Further research maintained that he’s a former boxer coming from a family of boxers; and if the songs I have heard thus far are anything to go by, it shouldn’t be too long before he is knocking fans out with his amazing music at headline shows of his own.

The London crooner has been confirmed to play at Live At Leeds and The Great Escape. So go on, take a listen to Face The Night and The Video below and get yourselves to a live show soon.

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