James Hersey – Miss You

“‘Cause I’m Gonna Miss You. I’m Gonna Miss You When You’re Gone.”

As we wave goodbye to what is (meteorologically speaking) the final day of Summer, it’s easy to start pining for warmer tones when the harsh reality of colder and lonelier days begins to set in. Written over two sleepless days and nights, debut ‘Miss You’ by Vienna-based singer songwriter James Hersey is a dreamily heartfelt and shimmering sentimental ode to those last remaining hours before you finally loosen that tight embrace. Make way for a fall-out of feelings and bathe yourself in the last tropical synth memories of Summer before Autumn’s impending rain comes to wash them all away.

With more than a million spotify plays in the last week, I’d say I’m not the only one who is missing something that’s not yet gone.

‘Miss You’ is out now via Glassnote Records. Keep an ear out for Hersey’s forthcoming EP, Pages in the months ahead.

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