LANY – Yea, Babe, No Way

♪ Damn, tell me where we went wrong / Been in love for so long / Now it’s over / How, how did we get this far? / Still not know who were are? / Is it this really over? ♪

Following on from the release of their self dwelling single Where The Hell Are My Friends, LANY (pronounced Lay-nee, as an acronym for Los Angeles New York) return with yet another nostalgically breezy and irresistibly honest synthpop jam with Yea, Babe, No, Way.

With conflicted reflection, loving late night phone calls dissipate into dial tone dilemmas as Paul Klein’s smooth vocal swoons through his struggles to reconnect with an old flame who is realistically no longer ’emotionally’ just a phone call away. Blinking images of happier moments drift into foggy fragmented thoughts of regret and longing whilst gorgeously wrought yet subtle lyricism are hushed through the band’s signature dreamlike atmospherics. The kind of relatable aesthetics of sound that has seen Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss stretch to further reaches than just the coasts of their musical namesake.

So in the instance that your ex does come a calling, give this song a listen and just let the phone ring out. Don’t let yourself get hung up on the same old situations..

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