Lontalius – It’s Not Love

Lontalius (Eddie Johnston) is an 18 year old singer/songwriter from New Zealand who first garnered internet attention after uploading sad versions of Top 40 R&B songs. Formally known under the moniker Shipwrecks, Lontalius changed his name to one that described a genus of butterfly – only fitting as he now spreads his brightly-coloured wings on more than just Youtube covers. Showing a maturity way beyond his teenage years, the youngster has proved an originality in writing his own poignant pop songs with an impressive string of emotionally-hinged singles. Now, entrancing listeners again with his distinctly soothing voice, twinkling guitar strums and a repetitive bass line and hook, new single It’s Not Love shows a compelling simplicity which is beautifully effective in meaning. Can you feel the goosebumps? I sure can.

Lontalius’ debut album ‘I’ll Forget 17’ will be released on March 25th via Partisan Records and a song will be shared weekly through his website.

Listen to It’s Not Love below and his other recent single Glow, also below.


1. A Feeling So Sweet
2. All I Wanna Say
3. Kick In The Head
4. Light Shines Through Dust
5. Selfless
6. My Dreams Are Dark
7. Glow
8. It’s Not Love
9. I Was More Than
10. Yr Heart Is Beating

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