Mieke – Sleeping Alone (Live)

“There are worse things than sleeping alone.”

Canadian singer-songwriter Elissa Mielke, known simply as Mieke, first came to my attention last year with the release of her stunning melancholy-drenched single Sleeping Alone. Taken from her self-titled EP, this heart melting track was a delicate encouragement to conquer, rather than settle, for the insecurities we face when we have been left on our own.

Now, highlighting the vulnerability in the songs lyrics with a captivating live performance, we see Mieke’s naked vocal set against nothing more than twinkling piano keys and are once again reminded that there are indeed great things that can come from going it alone.

Of the live rendition, Mieke says:

“I like that my nail polish is a bit chipped in the video and that you can see I have a pimple, and that the song is naked and on its own without production in this version. I have been trying to embrace imperfection in life more, to see things for what they are without masks on…Producing my songs has been a challenging journey, but this is what always makes sense to me; the moments when I am just there writing the music- me and a piano…”

Have a listen below.

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