The 1975 – A Change Of Heart

The 1975 have shared another video from their recently released sophomore album (take a breath) ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It’ and it’s a charmingly choreographed black and white ode to love that has been drained of all it’s original colour.

The latest Tim Mattia directed visuals for ‘A Change Of Heart’ see Matty Healy swap his usual flesh flashing demeanour for a sad sack “Michael Jackson meets Charlie Chapman” Pierrot- style clown who frolics around an empty fairground with a female counterpart. The last laugh is on him though as his jokes become too much for his love interest and she leaves him moping under his own storm cloud.

In his own words (via Instagram) Healy states:

“I want to convey the sense of resignation in being a clown. I am, have been and will always be a clown. I think it can tire people. For the sake of subtext and self-reference it should be black and white. Also more chic.”

It really is a beautifully shot piece, with certain references to another one of their videos, ‘Robbers’ which I’m sure most hardcore fans would have already spotted. Stream ‘A Change Of Heart’ below.

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