Transviolet – Undo

“I Always Find The Most Creative Ways To Destroy Myself.”

Los Angeles alt-pop quartet Transviolet saw a bleak future when they were dropped by Epic Records. Picking up the pieces, they stayed together, but parted ways with anyone who didn’t believe in them. Now signed to BMG, the band have come back fighting with the fiery first song from their upcoming EP ‘Valley’ due September 21st.

In a fittingly violet-hued room, singer Sarah McTaggart dances with a ‘no f***s given’ exuberance, as her band mates stand almost motionless next to her. The calmly coloured space is soon struck with smoke and smashed ornaments, as her behaviour convinces the boys to break out of their delicate identities. Inspired by a quote by author Cynthia Occelli, “for a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone.”, ‘Undo’ champions self expression and displays the band’s ability to meld their cracked pieces to create something wonderfully edgy and infectiously upbeat.

Speaking of the track, McTaggart says, “I’ve had my fair share of people try to categorize me, change me, break me down into pieces and parts they could more easily digest, or assign me an identity they were more comfortable with, but I won’t do it. I’m not your virgin. I’m not your whore. I’m a human with desires and emotions and experiences, and I refuse to be whittled down to anything less than that.”

Take that haters.

Witness the colourful chaos unfold below.

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