Yellow Days – Gap In The Clouds

It seems like it has been more than just the trees that have been bare over the last month. I’m not sure if it’s the darkened days nestling their way into my subconscious or if it might be down to just pure laziness, but my musical mojo has been heavily waning this season. Sure enough, I have been going to a lot of live shows, after all, live music is my default setting. Yet, my need to sit and write about any music has been far less intriguing. As we come to the end of yet another year and I find myself still in the same job, still rejected from jobs I do want and with no real movement to make a transition into another year any happier – it’s hard not to let the fog and gloom overshadow the seasons mandatory glitter and sparkles. And yet, sometimes all it takes is a song.

George Van De Broek aka Yellow Days strays into somewhat familiar territory with ‘Gap In The Clouds’, a track that encompasses the “euphoria of feeling amazing after feeling low for so long”. With his distinctly weathered baritone, the young bedroom artist croons over a heavenly mix of sparkling psychedelia and rolling percussion to capture the simple joy of being alive. Undeniably warming, this is another track that masters a unique musical landscape and uplifting maturity well beyond his seventeen years.

This year, if anything, was a deathly reminder to find happiness wherever and whenever we can. So instead of crawling under our covers, we should keep in search of people and moments to help us pierce the sky and open us up to brighter days. Things can and will eventually change for the better. I can feel the clouds parting already. Go on, take a listen and tell me I’m wrong.

‘Gap In The Clouds’ is taken from Yellow Days  debut EP Harmless Melodies out now.

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