Yoshi Flower – Brown Paper Bag

“Breathe In. Breathe Out. My Daily Meditation.”

Born in a City that raised artists like Eminem and Jack White, it’s clear to hear the colliding influences at work in Yoshi Flower’s music. Coming down from the woozy psychedelic high of Just On Drugs, the Detroit artist dives into a darker and much edgier side on new single Brown Paper Bag. Gangster grime meets Rockstar rebellion as trap beats and grungy guitar solos fight for reign behind sinister sounding vocals. The result is a gloriously chaotic and engrossing creation of musical anarchy.

With interest from Zane Lowe and having officially penned a deal with Interscope Records, the genre-defying songwriter and producer looks all set to further expand his uniquely bold musical horizons.

Speaking on the release, Yoshi Flower said: “This one is for freedom, sonically and all else. The beginning of the new alternative. We think the things that matter to us are the superficial things…our phones, our cars, our clothes. Things that we believe give us serenity, they are fleeting and damaging to our psyche and environment. But when you think about what really gets you through this life it is the little things. For me, it is a brown paper bag. It held my lunch when I was bullied, it holds my 40oz and more when I want to get high, it helps me breathe and calms me down when life gets too lifey.”

Take a listen to this banger below.


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