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Brijs - Glitra

Each one of you making waves in your own way

I have a deep affinity for coming-of-age movies. So much so, that my John Hughes DVD collection and it’s Spotify playlist, have had more than their fair share of repeat plays; especially in the last couple of months. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want someone lovingly standing (2 metres, of course) outside their door, holding a boombox over their head; rather than just another postman delivering mail? A girl can only dream.

If this euphorically anthemic number also sounds to you like it has been plucked right out of the movies, it really is no surprise considering Brijs (pronounced Bryce) has composed music for countless award winning film and TV shows and has already secured a sync placement with Tommy Hilfiger. With spacious production and textured vocals that brim with joyous possibility, Glitra manages to effortlessly capture that happy final scene feeling, where friends and lovers wrap themselves into a loving embrace, as the camera slowly floats into the distance.

The accompanying video which Brijs described as a ‘visual love letter to those friends and that time’ is a montage of all those colourful Kodak moments that we unfortunately won’t be able to experience this year, but something I am sure none of us will be taking for granted next year.

Let’s just imagine it now; that would-be triumphant moment, as we all step outside and throw our fists in the air, as the credits roll on this whole surreal experience.

Brijs debut album of the same name is set to drop later this year. For now, let’s just bathe in the memories below

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