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Charlotte Day Wilson - Work

“‘Cause people come and go, but you should know, that I think this will work.”

There appears to be quite an obvious pattern in my musical choices of late. Songs about believing in yourself and working towards the future are filling up my April playlist in drones. Well, we all need a bit of a push to keep going sometimes, right? And there can indeed be a beauty in persistence, as Toronto native Charlotte Day Wilson shows on her latest track ‘Work’, a mantra written by the 23 year old to keep her focused on her music career.

The spacious shuffle of a drum loop emphasises the monotonous grind of daily routine as Wilson’s effortlessly smoky vocal moves steadily but with a resonating determination towards the tracks harmonious climax. ‘It’s gonna take a little time’ she sings, and whether you contribute that to following your dreams or from a relationship standpoint, it’s only through our own tenacity that we find the strength to keep climbing up that hill. So, give ‘Work’ a listen below and start hustling.


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