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Close Talker - The Change It Brings
“It Changes Just About Everything. For The Worse And For The Better.”

With time, eventually comes change and the last couple of weeks have most certainly brought some much needed change into my life. Unfortunately, lack of spare time has also meant that my blog has once again slumped back into being a somewhat unreliable source for new music. Thankfully, the Bank Holiday has  blessed us with some extra hours for reflection.

In the run up to the release of their new album How Do We Stay Here?, Canadian Indie- Rock trio Close Talker wrestle with this same fickle, yet universal theme of time on their ruminating new single The Change It Brings. Singer Will Quirning’s breathy vocals saunter over melodic synths and rolling guitars as the childhood friends steer themselves into a newfound perspective, based on a bond of trust, that unlike most things, has indeed stood the test of time.

“No matter the situation, everyone is shaped by time. This song, along with the new album, is us trying to wrestle with time. It conveys trying to learn from our experiences, trying to keep perspective, trying to progress in this weird world, and sometimes trying not to progress at all; to sit in a moment and soak it in for all it has to offer before it becomes nothing more than a memory. How Do We Stay Here? is us navigating through the past two years, to both the good times and the bad that shaped who we are, and learning how to learn from them.”

How Do We Stay Here? drops on August 30th.

f: https://www.facebook.com/closetalkerband/

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