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Dan Owen - Made To Love You

“You were my wildest dream, but your open hands would become my enemies.”

Dan Owen first grabbed my attention through an impressive cover of Willie Nelson’s Little Red Rooster on Youtube more than a year ago. The Shrewsbury-born soul man’s foot-tappin’ blues and throaty vocal delivery had me so entranced that I made sure to have front row seats to both his sets at Bushstock and Communion’s New Faces tour last year. With a voice so beautifully battered, you would have been mistaken for believing that he had seen more seasons than possible in his 24 years, a fact that has helped him play countless towns and Cities, rather than just howling from some steps on a back porch.

In his intensely personal and broken-hearted ballad ‘Made To Love You’, the first single to be taken from his Open Hands and Enemies EP (September 14th) Owen uses his gravelly tones to great effect as he combats the emotional throes of a relationship that has left more scars than it should. At first as one with the piano, Dan’s husky voice eventually becomes more weathered as he begins to wrestle for control, as if begging to be heard above the suffocating weight of each key stroke. It’s a beautifully haunting and poignant track that should help damaged lovers wipe the tears from their cheek, pick themselves up from the floor and walk straight out the front door.  

Dan Owen will be headlining a sold out show at London’s St Pancras Old Church on September 7th.

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