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Elle Azar - Mess

“It’s Ok To Be A Mess Sometimes.”

I like to think of the mess that generally occupies my room as organised chaos. I know exactly where everything is, I just never find myself in the right headspace to sort through the mess. So I put off cleaning it for days (ok, maybe weeks) and continue to add to the disarray; until eventually, it builds to more than just a bundle in the corner and can no longer be ignored. Sure enough, the same can be said about our emotions. When the pressures of life start piling up, its not always easy to hang our hardships up for everyone to see.

In the visuals for her debut single Mess, Nashville based singer songwriter Elle Azar illustrates her battle with mental health, a topic that runs throughout her forthcoming self-titled album. Blissful keys form a calm idyllic soundscape that is soon terrorised by intense swirling synths and chaotic drums, as Azar struggles to clean up her own mental ‘mess’.

“I was feeling pretty lost when I wrote this song. At a quick glance everything might have seemed fine, but if you looked closer, it really wasn’t,” Ella Azar admits. ‘Mess’ was a moment of imagining being put back to my truest form, and then breathing a sigh of relief in the middle of it all… realizing that it’s alright, even when it’s not alright.“

“I think the opening scene of the new video really says it all,” she explains. “In that segment, I’ve got a massively overwhelming pile of mess behind me, and I’m standing there with a rickety old ironing board trying to straighten it all out and clean it up. It’s a metaphor for how times in my life have felt: overwhelming, impossible, exhausting, and hopeless. There’s a point where the mountain of mess almost comes to life and feels pretty ominous, or moments where it looks like it’s swallowing me, but by the end, I’ve finally made it on top of the pile for a minute. It’s the struggle. It’s acceptance. It’s also believing you will find a way out.”

If this video is anything to go by, then my mind (and bedroom) could certainly do with a clear out. Give it a watch below.


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