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Erik Jonasson - Autumn Falls

“I’m Wearing Winter Clothes When The Autumn Falls, To Be Prepared For The Rain.”

My heart was left in pieces several months ago by ‘Like A Funeral’, the gorgeously atmospheric debut from Swedish newcomer Erik Jonasson. Having clocked up more than a million streams online and been featured on the season finale of Vampire Diaries, it was clear that the sweeping melancholic power of this incredible 23 year old singer/songwriter had gripped more than just my heart. An unquestionable fact that remains as he offers up yet another compelling folk-tinged ballad.

‘Autumn Falls’ carries the emotional weight of a season that understands when it’s time to let the dead things go. As romantically plucked strings rise into a chilling guitar solo, the inevitable change in season initiates that other more heartbreaking phase of moving on – when you know it needs to happen, but that doesn’t stop it hurting any less. With a delicate croon, Jonasson’s impassioned thoughts gather and scatter like leaves, ready for the cold wind to come and blow them away.

Be sure to wrap yourself up warm in this stunning track, it’s already starting to get cold outside.


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