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LANY- Where The Hell Are My Friends?

There is nothing more upsetting for a music fan than to find out that a band they are desperate to see live are playing a show in their town, but it already sold out. So imagine my dismay when I realised that LANY (Los Angeles New York) whilst in London supporting new label mate Ellie Goulding, would be gracing the stage at The Barfly in Camden on Monday and (you guessed it) all the tickets have been snatched up.

On the bright side, the LA-based threesome have treated fans to another dreamy 80’s inspired electro pop jam with ‘Where The Hell Are My Friends?’. With breezy synths and funky nod-along bass lines, the boys yet again create music that perfectly captures those millennial woes of feeling totally alone in this modern ‘social’ culture. Considering my current situation, the lyrics “Friday, wine and the internet, the only love I seem to get” could not be any more accurate. After one listen and maybe a few large glasses, you’ll be more than happy to dance around on your jack jones.  Take a listen below and if anyone does happen to have a spare ticket to that London show – I promise I will be every friend you will ever need.



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