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Video: Little Hours - Water

“Are You Treading Water? Or Floating On Your Back?”

Born from the peaceful yet isolated views of Killybegs, Ryan McCloskey and John Doherty’s music carries a powerful ache that is most certainly echoed in the stunning visuals for their latest single ‘Water’. Inspired by recent worldwide events and with the help of the talented team at Bold PuppyLittle Hours portray an intensely relatable video about the quiet devastation of a couple pulled apart by circumstance. A crisis etching ever closer to our shores.

The Donegal duo explain:

“We were toying with a few ideas for the video, and then one evening we overheard a discussion about the refugee crisis, and something just clicked. We’re talking about millions of people here – the largest displacement of people since the Second World War – and this one term, “refugee”, is meant to encapsulate their whole lives, everything about them, all of these tens of millions of people.

So we started thinking about that in terms of a single relationship – all that hate and fear and where it could end up and the impact it would have on these two people’s lives, this one relationship.”

When so many other words get thrown around, about who certain people are and where they come from, sometimes it’s far too easy to forget that one word describes us all and it’s the only one that really matters: human.

Let the beauty of ‘Water’ wash over you and watch the moving visuals below. Little Hours will play The Islington on Thursday 16th February. Buy tickets here.


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