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MΛJIK - Save Me

On rainy nights such as these, when the days madness has finally come to an end, there is sometimes nothing I enjoy more than to lose myself in a wave of beautifully constructed down tempo music. Enter MΛJIK. Having already amassed over 300k plays on Soundcloud with their debut alone, the London-based duo seem to have a knack for creating gorgeously chilled out electronic compositions as they return with yet another impressive offering.

Save Me transports its listeners to a floating realm of subtle guitars, lushly layered vocals and heartbeat pulses. The song slowly transitions without creating any real tension and yet somehow manages to pull us further into its tranquil world of emotion where all our worries can fade away, well, at least until we can hit the replay button. This is the perfect song to wrap yourself up in at the end of a long day.

My button is firmly on repeat.

Take a listen to Save Me and their debut It’s Alright below.

Both songs will be released as a Double A side single via Akira Records on October 23rd.



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