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Michl - Kill Our Way To Heaven

Being successful is often about making sacrifices, but how far would you go to get the things that you want? Darkening heaven’s door with a ghostly chill, LA-based Michl (pronounced My-kull) introduces a hauntingly stunning debut about losing ourselves to an unrecognizable image.

With a quivering vocal that settles over a ferocious whirlpool of glitchy samples, gleaming guitars and sparsely soulful percussion, Kill Our Way to Heaven oozes with desire and makes for quite an impressive entrance. With such a magnetic appeal, we can do nothing but surrender to the unfamiliar glare of our own dark reflections.

Michl may have a hard time passing through those pearly gates, but I am more than happy to give him free reign on my soul. This is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

Stream this killer track now below.


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