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Mt. Wolf - St. Michael

If you have already started suffering from those bank holiday blues, or more accurately – still recovering from a three/four day bender (I feel you, I do) then have no fear, I have the perfect antidote. Relax and listen as Mt. Wolf weave yet another captivating and enlightening spell on your psyche. Almost hymnal in it’s delivery, Sebastian Fox’s delicate falsetto floats beautifully through the air as lush layers of atmospheric instrumentation gradually intensify into a compelling catharsis of emotion. Rising and falling in a way that is both soulfully stirring and majestically calming, ‘Michael’ once again demonstrates the London-based trio’s ability to craft a uniquely ethereal and entrancing sound. Go ahead, swoon and sooth yourselves below.

Mt. Wolf’s debut EP ‘Hex’ is out now.

Live Dates

10/05/16 Oslo Hackney, London


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