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Nothing But Thieves - Is Everybody Going Crazy? (Live)

Is Anyone Else Feeling Lonely? It Just Can’t Be Me Only.

Everybody was/has/is going crazy, right? Just a few weeks ago, shop shelves were being stripped. People were fighting over toilet paper and no one was drinking a Mexican beer because it had the same name as a virus. The world seemed to have gone bonkers and this ever so aptly-titled track, from Essex band Nothing But Thieves, came at exactly the right time.

As less of us appear to be revelling in panic, as we are now going stir crazy stuck indoors, we have no doubt been searching for new ways to feed our boredom. Some of us might has be starting back up with old hobbies, such as blogging (ahem). Others might be learning new dance routines, instruments or languages. Plenty of people have been following Joe Wick’s lead and keeping fit at home.Β  Whilst many others might be happily watching Netflix and switching off from the stress of normal life. For musicians, this time has taken a lot from them and they are doing their best to stay relevant by live streaming. We are all doing whatever we can to keep our heads above water. In their own efforts, NBT shared Episode 1 of their #solitudesessions last week, as they creatively quarantined at home.

Speaking of the track upon it’s release, NBT explained: “There is a quiet sadness about the verses. The character in the song doesn’t understand the world around themselves or relate to the people in it. What they once thought were the principles or morals they were meant to follow no longer seem to apply. Others seem to revel in the lunacy. In a place like that, it makes you realise that you need something to hang onto, like an anchor.”

If you feel like you are losing your mind or feeling alone, take comfort in the fact that we are all in this together.

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